With this photo AMD was already pointing at yet another crazy idea they came up with.


Two is better than one? What could that mean? Oh right, it’s better to build a graphics card with two graphics chips than just one! The new video card AMD Radeon R9 295X2 isn’t just literally hot, but really is so hot that AMD is planning to water cool it with a system similar to the one used for ASUS ARES II!

amd 2



With its 1 Gigaherz stock clocking speed – my own graphics card was 200€ and only has about half of this performance – you’ll play any game on the highest settings spread over 4 monitors and the game will be running smoothly of course. There are no further infos concerning the memory, power consumption and the pricing yet.

Generally I would say that just like many other crazy high-end video cards, this one is going to cost more than 1000€ and is going to need more than 400 Watts. At 400 Watts and eight hours of usage per day, this monster is going to cost you 300€ per year already! A large modern fridge with A+++ efficiency certificate for example only costs around 30€ per year even though it’s always on!

The lesson is clear: AMD has overdone it once again. Oh well, it’s the same with supercars…you just need the money.

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