For many celebrities, the Vienna Opera Ball is one of the most important events of the year. It is one of THE top events where celebrities like to romp about. Not only is the location extremely stunning, but the entire program is also impressive. This is an event that bursts with glamour. Those who are invited should be considered very lucky.

In 2016, the Vienna Opera Ball is celebrating its 60th anniversary. For the unique event, the Vienna State Opera turns into a giant dance hall and gears itself for about 5,000 visitors. Even those who can’t be there don’t have to miss this important event, because it’s shown on TV each year.

Actually, this ball is about the artists who prove their skills in front of the audience there. The “most famous dance hall in the world” is a stage for opera stars and orchestras. Not only the opening dance enjoys great popularity.

Once again there are strict dress codes, with floor-length dresses for the ladies and tailcoats for the men at this year’s Opera Ball on 4 February. The traditional event is considered the place-to-be for all the big names of the world.

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