At Charlotte Ronson, you can finally get a glimpse of the new collection for fall and winter 2014/15. Considering the seasons, Charlotte uses dark colors, primarily black which probably will never be out of fashion! This will give you the opportunity to experiment, combine, plus mix and match everything as you please, so you are still wearing your own personal style.

This collection includes a modern mix of elegant, feminine seduction type of clothing with partially tomboyish cuts. Most dresses reach over the knees; according to the saying“less is more” they barely show any skin. That little skin is shown through semi-transparent elements and lace around neckline. Along with the long skirts, you can pair them with more seductive tops and show some belly.

Arrangements of folds and wrappings provide a unique touch to the items. You will see the influence of the business look among the overalls, blouses and blazers. Charlotte Ronson offers you a collection of comfort and style which will leave you in awe – so you will always be perfectly styled!

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Charlotte Ronson, for women – Spring/Summer 2014