Fashion isn’t only about silhouettes, details or unusual highlights. First impressions count; and this is particularly influenced by the color. We automatically associate different colors with certain places, events or feelings. Even when it comes to Scandinavia, there are certain colors that immediately come to mind.

The Scandinavian color scheme is natural and cool and is distinguished by its simplicity. There are the natural nuances that give the Scandinavian look its identity. These colors include earth tones, cream, white, gray and black. Colors that are never pushy, but always harmonious. A special feature of these shades is that they can all be combined with one another. There is no unfavorable contrast.

Even soft pastel tones such as muted mint green or light orange-brown belong to this color world. They often come individually and can then be combined within an outfit. The knitted sweater is a must-have winter item. Its Scandinavian colors make it easy to integrate into the outfit.

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