Anna Led and its two annual ready-to-wear collections have already gained a wide base of clients that is fascinated by the brand’s feminine designs made in Latvia. “Nice clothes for wise people” is the motto for the entire design concept of ANNA LED. The current collection for summer 2014 connects two worlds in which today’s women move around.

On the one hand, the designer works with a rather rural, natural charm. My eyes were immediately captured when I saw those dresses made of sturdy linen, which again invite us to explore their texture and surface feel. Cream white, rose, grey and beige shades accentuate the natural beauty that every woman has and also the harmonious, down-to-earth aspect which she spreads out.

On the other hand, it’s an urban, charismatic summer collection, which symbolizes the urban woman’s success, whether in her job, in society or in her relationship. Sophisticated suits in bright blue appear very tough, but yet not too morose for the office. The little blue dress à la Coco Chanel can be worn at a vernissage, for a date or for a chic night out.

What does a woman wear in winter 14/15? ANNA LED probably knows and proves why she deserves to be part of the Riga Fashion Week.

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