Thanks to his partly very unusual cutting techniques and choice of materials, Michael van der Ham is known as one of the most exclusive and talented new designers. His collection for the upcoming summer is a mix of different cuts and fabrics. Each creation impresses, since every piece is unique.

The straps, neckline or skirt of the dresses are always shown in different styles. Sometimes, he uses layerings, sometimes he makes use of ruffles or crossed straps. He creates a thrilling, but not overloaded look with the mixture of two differently colored fabrics.

The fabrics which are embellished with flower prints are combined with metallic fabrics. Sometimes, he also mixes several patterns. The designer is an expert in colors and always creates a harmonious look. The backless design matches the collection very well; so does the wrapped look. The collection is marked by surprising details, such as a light fabric which is attached on a top and which covers the back of the wearer. Some designs are highlighted with pearls and glitter, which are attached on the waist.

Michael van der Ham presents his new fashion in a chic and elegant way. You only need one piece to receive a completed look without any unnecessary features.

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