The Londoner designer started her label with the creation of menswear. Her lines have been extended, year by year. Today, the brand also offers womenswear, which is also worn by celebrities such as Kate Moss. On the one hand, the high-end fashion is elegant, on the other hand, you can also find some street style elements. This thrilling combination resulted in a lot of success for Katie Eary. Her designs have been already featured in magazines including Vogue.

The winter has become the total contrast of empty. The women are offered hot outfits that also mesmerize our men. You become the pure seduction with the sexy strings and cropped tops. Classic pencil skirts, body-shaping dresses and blouses are laced on the sides, letting the skin of the wearer look through the empty space. The precious look becomes very sensual, this way. The designs pop out with the allover prints which consist of big blossoms on a black background. If you combine these designs with a muted black, the whole look will stay down-to-earth and suitable for daily use.

The men’s collection’s colors are adjusted to the women’s one.  Black is combined with big blossoms in loud colors including pink, blue or red. You can find these blossom prints on the knitted sweaters, jackets and blazers, and also on the pants, sometimes more, sometimes less, some designs are completely covered with the colorful blossoms. It’s your decision whether you want to show a lot of loud colors or whether you don’t. The black winter coats perfectly fits the colorful pants. This is how you can stand out of the crowd without looking overdressed.

Katie Eary shows in an easy way how to make an elegant look suitable for the daily usage.
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