“Black” or „Black by Lozanne” – the designer and creative director Mauricio Olvera and Leonardo de Lozanne as the co-designer and representative are the ones pulling the strings behind Black by Lozanne.

But what is represented here? According to Lozanne, “Black” stands for a lifestyle which is built of tradition, innovation, diversity, gallantry, vigor and serenity, comfort, function and quality.

The current summer collection of the designer duo appears  as diverse as the amazing attributes which characterize the garments. This will already be the second time for Black to demonstrate their fashionable visions to the world at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México (April 1 – April 4). Also the last collection for past winter became a success thanks to a divisive mix of elegance, street wear and decadence.

Also Black’s summer becomes very controversial. Slightly feminine pieces meet an almost macho-like attitude. But what the creations have in common is the youthful charm. You will of course also find leather jackets whose combination with a pair of booties reminds of the look of a horseman. Well, one of my favorite outfits will make you a military look. It seems like a commissioner in a free time look stands in front of you.

Head to the front row, because “Black” are going to present their newest fashionable interpretations on the third day of the MBFW México at 8 pm. If I were a man, I wouldn’t miss out on it.

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