Wrangler is one of the top brands in the jeans’ world and impresses with unique craftsmanship, high quality, classical cuts and precise fits. Wrangler’s classical jeans are well-adjusted to the wearer’s needs. The label was founded in 1947 when everything started with the production of quality jeans for cowboys. Back then, the details used to be made for the wild life of a cowboy, for a life on the back of horses.

The functionality has been maintained until today. These jeans are made for every day. Their comfort differs extremely from other jeans. Every step during the production focuses on the wearer’s demands. This is how functionality is paired with a striking and typical Wrangler design.

Longevity and traditional designs are the crucial features of the selection and belong to a modern casual style. Various indigo shades adjust the color of your favorite pair of jeans. The sturdy pants prepare you for the cold days with an on-trend expertise.

The outstanding Wrangler design appears rather subtle, which is why it has become a true companion over many years. It’s a must-have for everyone, because the quality is simply unique!

More Information: www.wrangler.de