In San Francisco, USA, there’s currently the Developers Conference 2014 going on.The Eve makers CCP are presenting their latest game Eve: Valkyrie.

Eve is famous for its large and super expensive wars, the game developers at CCP are known for letting the players do basically anything they want in their online game Eve Online which I already introduced to you in one of my previous posts.

For this year already, the game is being released for the Oculus Rift on the PC, CCP further has stated that there will be a version for the PlayStation 4

The Oculus Rift is a pair of specs with two built-in screens and movement tracking. If you wear these specs and move your head, you’ll also move your head ingame. And since you don’t have a monitor in front of you, but basically a “virtual landscape”, you’ll literally get immersed into the game. Here’s a little example on Youtube.

You fly a space ship in Eve: Valkyrie in the pilot’s point of view. There you’ll meet space pirates, aliens, criminals, other players as well as rivals. CCP did not give any information about the storyline and the possibility to go for large PVP battles.

However, we all know the way CCP are and I am sure we can get hyped up for large first-person space fights against hundreds of other players and a wonderful storyline

Information Source: http://www.pcgames.de/

Image Copyright: edge-online.com (Image above) / pcgames.de (Image below)