In the collection for summer 2014 of the label Saloni London minimalist cuts meet playful patterns. Some pieces are just partly and some are mainly embellished with colorful designs. The designers are doing everything right with the non-colors black and white as well as with colors like red, blue and pink.

The collection mainly consists of dresses which are available in a variety of lengths. The black dress is a sophisticated allrounder but the short colorful summer dresses can definitely compete with this all time classic. Most of them are waisted and thus create a wonderful silhouette. My favorite look is combined with the colors red and blue, a short waisted skirt together with an elegant blouse.

One can perfectly combine shorts and skirts which create hourglass silhouettes with cropped shirts. The pieces are color coordinated but can absolutely be combined together if desired. Each and every piece of this collection attracts with its simple but outstanding design. Those colors arouse my desire for summer and make me dream of warm summer days.

With the collection for summer from Saloni London you’re literally fully dressed. There is no need for accessories, but you can give your outfit an individual touch by adding some!

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