At the alternative fashion fair LondonEdge,  subcultures from all over the world come together, which are all represented by different, unique brands. The fashion trade fair which took place recently in London established itself as one of the most popular ones on this particular field of fashion. Here in London, the city where anything can happen, especially when it comes to fashion, was taken by storm by fetish, rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, punk, vintage, cyber and retro fashion. One of the special brands which devoted itself to outfitting subcultures is Yummy Gummy, producing clothing made of latex.

Latex really reminds me of sensual evenings at home or maybe in the club. You would probably agree with me in this case, right? Latex and sex are two things which are inseparably connected to each other in our minds. But trust me, this amazing material can do more than just serving as a visual aphrodisiac. The brand Yummy Gummy truly proves this by offering an incredible multitude of latex styles to us: Shiny, floral, covered with an animal print, sexy, rough and many more looks can be discovered here. But there is one thing, all these styles have in common: their amazing quality because the latex is cast by hand.

Almost casual ready-to-wear fashion clashes with the sexiness of latex. Yummy Gummy however does not only produce fashion, but in the first place devoted itself to providing its customers amazing latex pieces with which the client can fulfill her or his fantasy. If you nevertheless need inspiration for the ultimate latex look, then just browse through the collections of Yummy Gummy which range from underwear to accessories.  Latex tutus, nipple patches, thongs, tops, t-shirts and dresses made of latex can be found here. Looking at the colors, you can observe that black is paired with blue, white and red. The colors are mixed in a way which reminds you of graffiti art. Apart from clothing, you can also stumble across amazing accessories here including waist belts and hair jewelry.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself with your style, take a look at Yummy Gummy’s amazing styles. You’ll surely fall in love with one or two designs!

Copyright and Source: http://www.yummygummylatex.com