The fashion brand Busnel has been active since the year 1920 and was founded by the married couple Busnel. Since then, Busnel’s fashion has been defined by a very special style with distinct hallmarks. Busnel’s clothing has been inspired by army uniforms and golden anchors have embellished the designs by this brand for many decades. When the label however was sold to Louise Faltenberg in the year 2009, Busnel underwent a significant change – the fashion became younger and the classical feminine character was now united with modern chic. Today, inspiring lines await you in which the style of Busnel meets innovations and incredible creativity.

The winter line 2014 includes jackets in the chic army style which represents the core of the collection. These jackets are paired with garments of different styles. However, all outfits appear feminine and flatter the body of the wearer thanks to a feminine silhouette. This feminine side truly contrasts with the strong and strict flair of the military style. Nonetheless, you can’t deny that the tulle skirt indeed looks great with the boyish outerwear. The mainly muted color palette of the knitwear is interrupted by impressive yellow and bright red. The must-have of the season: a playful knitted dress embellished with decorative pleats.

Just like in the winter, Busnel relies on the power of contrasts in the summer. In the year 2014, the brand combines army jackets with lace shorts or a silk dress. The maritime main colors are contrasted and therefore emphasized by feminine and bright pink. The wearer is put in the limelight in a very impressive way with the help of pencil skirts and blazers. The classical, playful, preppy and feminine look can be admired at the Fashion Week Stockholm by the way. Don’t miss this fashion spectacle!

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Copyright and Source: and, Photos by Kristian Löveborg