For winter 2015, this label presents a spectacular collection with the name “label 2”! The designer installed many overly voluminous elements into his collection around the top or around the bottom area. Puffy skirts, wide jackets and casual t-shirts create your wild look. With cropped shirts, your femininity won’t be lost.

The extraordinary cuts, which sometimes round and other times rather edgy, determine the special style. You can partly integrate this collection into your everyday life and always set some exciting highlights!

The skirt almost reaches the floor but then it’s sexy and short. Some designs get a soupcon of sensuality with the use if translucent elements. Here, stylish oversize designs meet feminine seduction created by traces of feminine silhouettes and the accentuation of baroque shapes.

Andrea Popovic and Alen Pinku are the ones who are pulling the strings behind this label – both of them played a crucial role, designing this collection, weaving their personal and innovative vision of fashion into their creations– thus an individual look was created.

label 2 d   label 2 c   label 2 b   label 2 a

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