JohnnyBelts promotes itself with its slogan: “The coolest belts on the planet”. Seems quite arrogant, doesn’t it? Anyways, JohnnyBelts is one of the labels which can venture to do and say so. Their belts and buckles are full of symbols and embellishments that they all seem to tell their own stories. This gives them the character of being an heirloom. It seems as if the belts have already passed a long life and have made a lot of adventures.

They are offered in different varieties of leather and colors. You can find standard black leather, but also red or snakeskin. Loads of small or bigger patterns cover the belts and buckles. These are for example simple circles, different skulls, bats and other animals, roses or even deities of different religions.

The product range includes belts, but also cell phone and tablet cases. They spread out the same mood as the belts: with their old leather body and their embellishments they tell us their stories. One of the tablet cases you can also find some little ants and spiders. JohnnyBelts offers all kinds of belts with totally different characters. Some of them are rustic and demonstrate the famous vintage look, others are very trendy.
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