Thakoon Panichgul is the founder of the label Thakoon. His ready-to-wear collection reflects his Thai roots as well as his present home New York. He gives his intuition free reins and lets his ideas come to life, creating his feminine collections.

A blouse combined with a dress as one was THE highlight of his collection for winter. These hot dresses are jazzed up with many details. With the use of translucent fabrics around the chest, waist and legs, the look indeed is defined by a great deal of sex appeal. A leopard-patterned fur is worn as a vest or a coat. Pencil skirts and blazers completely consist of luxurious fur, which make the business look hip and suitable for the winter. Now, in winter time the designer makes you long for summer with an all-over flower pattern or a single flower pattern.

In summer 2014 women are allowed to show skin. Thakoon is aware of this and emphasizes the sensuality of women by letting the wearer show sensual parts of her skin. Summery dresses in white do not only appeal with their short cuts or cut-outs at the belly and waist area. The sexy summer look appears diverse through its metallic sheen, red roses and a sensual black. The highlight of this collection: the circle skirt combined with a cropped top.

The designer places value on every small detail and shows us how these can make a difference. This fashion is incomparable and will let men melt away!

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