“Equilibrium” – this is the name of the new Irene Luft collection. Her mother, who also dedicated her life to fashion, has always been an inspiration for Irene Luft. She grew up in Russia, but studied in Germany. This is why one could say that her label is German and is an inherent part of the Berlin Fashion Week.

In her current collection she presents the pursuit for liberty and peace. She pulls out the resulting compulsion and the search for security, which soon let us wake up in a golden cage. The dominating colors are gold and white. White symbolizes the peace. PVC is one part of the garments’ fabrics. Since it is transparent, it seems like there’s no clothing piece, but only decoration. This can be found as sophisticated origami art here. Folded flowers, meshes and also butterflies cover the models’ bodies.

This embellishment even reaches the head and transforms the model into a peace dove. The headgear consists of gas masks. They embody the confining and constricting elements of security, and can be found through the whole collection. Even the masks in gold shades, with horns or flames, or in a buffalo skull shape are beautiful eye catchers.

Irene Luft addresses a very serious topic in her spring and summer collection 2014; and transforms it into wonderful and heavily symbolic outfits. It’s rare that such a topic is shown in such an amazing way, letting us easily understand and “touch” the problem.

Berlin Fashionweek SS2014   Berlin Fashionweek SS2014   Berlin Fashionweek SS2014

Berlin Fashionweek SS2014   Berlin Fashionweek SS2014   Berlin Fashionweek SS2014

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