The label Carmen Manuela Popa is named after the eponymous designer. She creates ready-to-wear and seasonal fashion collections as well as bridal fashion. Characteristic terms which describe the label best are ”artistic”, ”provocative” and ”extraordinary”! I personally am enthusiastic about this label. It does not concern classic fashion, because the designs of Carmen Manuela Popa convey an artistic element.

The looks are mainly created with the colors black, white, red and caramel without combining them. These colors stand by themselves and work better on their own. The whole collection consists of dresses including floor-length robes or miniskirts. The tailored silhouettes convey the femininity of the designs in spite of their sacral character. I personally really like the white mini-dresses. Especially the white dress with its white cut-out and feather-like skirt, which reminds me of a swan, enchanted me as well as the red pendant worn with it, a mix of a red samurai and a ballerina.

Besides the extraordinary cuts, the collection stands out with its accessories, like their headpieces, which look like ski masks. Their bags are carried by the models like little babies around their arms. For me they are the most interesting pieces. These give the designs an artistic and sacral touch, which let them appear extraordinary.

Their bridal fashion is as unusual as their collection for spring and summer. The dresses are classically white, but reminds someone of old-fashioned and heavy wedding dresses just when you look at their main features. The label mainly works with translucent tulle and feathers. This gives the wedding dresses a modern and light character. Especially the short and white wedding dress with a short-sleeved shirt as a top and a feather skirt at the bottom seems to be a charming alternative to the classic and old fashioned dresses we are used to.

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