Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the field of fashion. At Ethnic-Styles, you can find fair fashion and matching accessories in a trendy ethnic style. Colourful patterns and sustainable materials ensure their handbags are absolute eye-catchers. Inspired by the exoticism of countries such as Thailand, Colombia and Bolivia, the designs include, for example, botanical embroidery that looks back on centuries of tradition.

Traditional patterns have long made their presence known in the Western world, and many major labels and well-known designers have drawn inspiration from them. Summer is an especially good season for the ethno style. This cult look, originating from the 70s, celebrates a glittering comeback and can be seen dominating the streets in metropolitan cities. Ethnic-Styles shows their clear appreciation of the trend factor while staying true to their sustainable roots, availing us of durable fashion and accessories that ensure a carefree conscience.

The bag collection includes the clutch and her large, spacious sister, the shopping bag. The former is particularly suited for evening events, and function great as a stylish accessory at a party. The latter, however, accompanies you colourfully through the day while offering sufficient space for your calendar, make-up pouch, cell phone, wallet and everything else required.

The bags have a rather impressive design, guaranteed to earn them a place amongst your favourite ethnic looks. Clutches embellished with loops are embroidered in a Thai style, ensuring a wow factor with their versatile patterns. The flower-power design has been made available in several colour schemes. An addition of pom poms is sure to draw even more attention! The maxi bag also combines colourful and oriental Thai embroidery with humorous pompoms. These ethnic designs are simply amazing!

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