Ushanka is a fur hat with a long tradition. It has always been a symbiosis of functionality and fashion expertise and also fashion culture. Even though we usually associate it with Russia, it’s also often worn in Scandinavia.

The stylish shape and warming silhouette which keeps your neck and ears warm if necessary make the ushanka so popular. The ushanka is an integral part of many people’s closets, especially because it’s a beautiful accessory. It stands out and replaces bags and co. completely!

No other headgear is as eye-catching as the ushanka. Celebrities like Rihanna also love this hat, which is why it has been gaining more and more popularity. New colors and patterns are continuously joining the market. There’s also good news for those of you who don’t want to wear real fur. By now, there are also many faux fur creations! Here’s a very extravagant version of the unforgettable fur hat:

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