Anastassia Elias uses cardboard rolls to create art. The Parisian employs them to create little dioramas, which look really interesting. Cardboard figures, animals and plants create sceneries which are marked by a richness of details on the one hand. On the other hand, they simply look cute!

Her works include among others a walk in a forest, a funfair, a ball room and much more.

Nevertheless, she doesn’t create little cardboard worlds. She also crochets. Crocheting is a kind of art? Yes, it is. She crochets 2D silhouettes of different beings and puts them into sceneries. This makes her an installation artist. It somehow reminds me on an oversized spider web, which hangs around in the landscape.

Additionally, she loves to paint. She creates watercolor portraits, which have an expressionist touch, or illustrations for books.

I’m fascinated by her little dioramas. They are so rich in lovely details!

Image source: http://www.anastassia-elias.com/