The Russian tattoo artist works in St. Petersburg and trust me… he is someone very special. His style is unique even if there are other artists who can draw lines as thin as his and even if there are people out there who are capable of creating dot works as sophisticated as him. His motifs can barely be compared with others.

He mixes elements of different cultural historical epochs forming a symbiotic entity and unity in order to create something completely new. Surrealism, Victorian elements and Art Deco components define the work of Ilja Brezinski the most.

One of the most beautiful motifs from my point of view is a flying whale which appears to slowly dissolve. Flowers then seem to be growing out of the animal. But also illustrations of insects which are encircled by a dot work frame have been put in the limelight by Ilja.

Apart from tattooing Ilja Brezinski also designs logos for firms. Here, you can find different style elements as well which have been combined to create something more than just beautiful.

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