You’ll need

valentine 1

1x golden nailpolish

 1x whitepolish

1x light pink polish

1x red polish

a dotting tool or the end of a brush



valentine 2

Step 1

For this romantic Valentine’s Day look you’ll have to start off with a light pink and golden color. Paint all of your nails light pink except for the middle finger. This one’s going to be our lucky golden one.

Step 2

Take your fine liner or a dotting tool dipped in white polish and create little white hearts on all light pink nails.

Step 3

Now repeat the last step only with red-colored nail polish. Place the red heart into the middle of your white hearts.

Step 4

And you’re Valentine’s Days Look is done. If you like an extra touch of glamour, just take a glitter polish and swipe it over the golden middle nail. 😉

valentine 3


Pretty easy, huh?

See you next week beauties.

Yours truly,



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