There are many great movies hitting the theaters during the Berlinale soon, one more unique and thrilling than the next. But we would like to introduce you to a special piece of art: Elixir by Daniil Zinchenko.

Zinchenko, a Moscow based videoartist and part of the art association Up!, is trying to reincarnate Russian cosmism (a philosophy, which embodies Russian dreams of human exploration in deep space). He does so in creating a surreal setting of guerilla combatants and cosmonauts, who are trapped in some kind of spacetime-glitch, in which a scientist tries to create an elixir through which he hopes to get a hold of immortality.

Zichenko’s big screen debut, which is not following a classical narrative, is defined by a loose line up of impressions that are playing with different quotes from Russian folklore and mythology. Thus it is possible to understand Elixir as search for a lost Russian soul.

Through the looseness of its narrative, the movie tries to explore the language of film in a new and exciting way.

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