We receive streetstyle photos from all over the world. Especially in the major fashion capitals, magazines and blogs are on the lookout for new trends. The streets are full of it. You just have to look carefully. Also in Australia, men and women are very fashion-conscious. I visited many blogs to collect the Aussie streetstyle must-haves for you. Sydney in particular attracts the young fashion scene at the moment. There you can usually identify where the trend is moving towards in the next few months. The “Aussies” know exactly what is trendy in the near future. Here are the three most important streetstyle trends.

Black & white: Of course, black-and-white has never really been out. However, this trend seems to have its big comeback in Australia. Strips in the contrasting colors are particularly popular and often paired with voluminous cuts. The color scheme is maintained from head to toe, which is pretty cool! The great black-and-white look can be found among others at Karla Spetic.

Pastel shades: Pastel shades are always a soft response to glaring shades and are particularly well suited for harmonious and consistent looks. Various pastel shades can be combined easily, which makes the outfit look a little more vintage-like. Australians have just fallen in love with these soft colors. THE FIFTH LABEL  offers you some of the coveted pastel-colored pieces.

Dots: They’re back! Big dots, small dots, dots on tights, on sweaters or on hats. Nothing goes without dots in Australia. Dots are the must-have for 2016.

More Information: www.karlaspetic.comwww.thefifthlabel.com