There’s more to the Berlin-based fashion brand which is obviously not to be left out when the announcement “Let the Show begin!” is to be made in July. Yeah, the entire fashion world is already looking forward to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week which will transform Berlin into a place of glamour. Glamour is exactly the right keyword, as exactly this is contained in the collections of the fashion label Glaw.

Jesko Wilke and Maria Poweleit are the makers of Glaw and met each other at the fashion school ESMoD. The duo plays with different effects, part of which feeling almost psychedelic. In the assortment by Glaw, materials like cashmere, leather and jersey work together and appeal to a large age group. Because the designs are not only a visual treat but also combines wearability with individuality.

Batik patterns appear in every collection and are therefore the main feature of the label. Particularly batiked leather provides for uniqueness – the special pattern never repeats and thus every part combines to a single piece. The combination of different materials turns even the winter collection 2015/2016 into a sophisticated experience.

This is a real firework of designs and contains a huge pallet of different pieces. From knitted pullover all the way to wedding dress, there is really nothing that is not there. For once colourfully playful, then glamorous, urban or cool – from the blouse all the way to fur jacket, this is the purest seduction. Even the signature-piece is not to be left out: the biker jacket – this time in an exciting gold.

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