After graduating from university in 2012, Petra Metzger instantly joined the London Fashion Week. She lives and works in this fashion center, where she transforms her vision of strong, yet feminine women into fashion. Her style is luxurious and wearable on the streets – a dream for almost every woman!

“Shapes of Revolution” is the collection’s name. The brave, self-confident woman is the focus. She knows what she wants. You fight for your opinions and your interests? Then, this collection will be the perfect one for you! It embodies the soul of revolution, packed into exceptionally cut and fashionable models.

The collection is minimalistic and mainly consists of black. The cuts are boyish and voluminous. A wide-cut blazer is combined with a pair of ? pants and the shiny fabric adds some sexiness. How about the overall which is worn without a t-shirt? In order to emphasize the revolutionary look, Petra Metzger partly covers the whole face of her models! However, you can also wear the pieces with your faces uncovered in order to show your strength to the whole world.

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