Looking for the perfect winter shoe? These are some magical winter shoes that belong in every wardrobe: boots and ankle boots! All of them fit into the everyday wardrobe. However, each of them has its individual effect! With these shoes, you’re ready for every occasion, for every day. They can be combined versatilely and complete every outfit.

Boots are the most casual option if you’re looking for winter shoes! From ankle boots to Chelsea boots, the choice is wide and varied. Boots stand for coolness and fashion consciousness, for rock ‘n’ roll and avant-garde. Boots give you the opportunity to emphasize your look casually. They are the must-haves for the nonchalant woman and can be combined with jeans and coats or with skirts and boxy jackets.

Ankle boots, on the other hand, look elegant and chic. With their usually ankle-high cut, they become the sophisticated alternative that gives the outfit a chic twist. Not only the elegant two-parter or suit, but also the casual look can be combined with ankle boots. Subtle looks in black or brown leather make them into a dream of the cold season.

Boots are the most eye-catching variant of the feminine winter shoes. Their design is as diverse as fashion itself. Different lengths, different cuts and a variety of materials make the choice not always that easy. But if you have found the perfect pair of boots, they might really become your favorites!

Labels such as Vagabond, Zign and Kiomi have a huge range of boots in all kinds of styles, so you don’t have to spend too much time finding the right ones for yourself.

More Information: www.vagabond.comwww.zign.comwww.kiomi.com