Nothing’s better than leather products, because they are unsurpassable in terms of quality and visual effect. Accessories brand Lloyd  knows this and is devoted to the modern interpretation of a classic material. Lloyd offers shoes, bags and other accessories for discerning men and women. Our online shop offers you a range of the most beautiful Lloyd pieces.

Classic boots, refined loafers and leather jackets determine the current brand identity of Lloyd. In the wide yet thought-out range, ladies will find a selection of shoes which is characterized by elegance and sportiness. All in all, the shoes show up in high quality. Selected items include the best of sneakers, pumps and lace-ups in our assortment.

Just like the ladies, men will also find a modern interpretation of classic shoes, i.e. timeless trendy models, aimed at longevity. That is why Lloyd presents mainly plain colors like black, brown and chestnut. Besides plain boots and stylish business shoes, classical belts and wallets await you.

Lloyd has a quality that convinces and classic that rebels against the short-lived trend movements. You can be part of this movement and find your very own showpieces at our shop now.

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