G-Design has specialized in tailoring jeans and the label yet again sets new trends this Spring and Summer 2014 in the fashion world. The label’s message is the following: It is made for individualists. Looking at the latest collection, that even applies. The designs really are special.

The pants couldn’t be any more diversified. In the current Spring and Summer Collection the designs are mixed, they can be casual or really elegant. Not only do the prints or the adornments vary, but so do the cuts and even the materials!

Even though there are some exceptions, most of the pieces are denim. However, only two of the pants completely consist of denim cloth, all the other ones are combined with other materials. Most of them are also adorned with little rivets, embroideries or have black waxing.

With the cut sporty lines are created in black and white while the print provides for exciting patterns like roses or a snow leopard on the upper thigh. Most of the designs have 7/8th cuts. There even is a pair of denims for all the patriots out there: It is covered with a print of the American flag. With G-Design you can be certain that you really are going with the trend. Even the ones who don’t like denim get a small but excellent assortment of pants.

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