Talent and creativity both represent crucial values in the world of the fashion label “Fyodor Golan“, which came to existence thanks to the two eponymous creative directors. They both initially worked in the art industry before establishing themselves onto the fashion market. Today, Fyodor Golan is considered the epitome of modernity and innovation. The fashion particularly appeals to the young, urban, female trendsetter.

Extraordinary, incomparable textiles, the virtuosic use of colors and graphical 3D embroideries apart from smartly placed accentuations give the designs the certain something – this label simply knows how to enchant the urban fashion addict. Despite the diversity of the designs and constant and never-ending progress and development, the mundane concept runs through each and every collection like a golden thread. You received the chance to see this fascinating look live during the London Fashion Week  on February 20th.

There, last year the summer collection of the duo was presented which revealed itself as the epitome of casual luxury. Despite the considerable use of black and white, it was the neon nuances which drew the beholder under their spell. Being aware of the powerful effect of these colors, the brand succeeded in creating extremely sophisticated accentuations. On top, metallic, shimmering fabrics which sparkle in rainbow colors really capped it all off.

The extreme, straight and taut lines transform each and every single piece into a very expressive and powerful piece of art. It’s the interaction between the rigid materials and cuts and the playful and colorful details which bestow a very unique look upon the design. While we stumble across clearly structured dresses, we can still discover robes which are decorated with flower applications all over them. Sculpturally inspired pieces on the one hand and princess dresses on the other hand, featuring a wide flared skirt, but of course completely colored in shrill neon nuances – contrasts are the alpha and omega here.

Copyright and Source: http://fyodorgolan.co.uk/ , http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/