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Mario Testino is a photographer with Peruvian roots, who declared London his home city. There, he established his unique network with the fashion world and of course many of his models bear names known in the entire world. Mario Testino indeed isn’t only active in the fashion industry.

His works and activities are marked by a great diversity. Apart from fashion photography, he is also extremely fascinated by commercial photography, while also creating beautiful portrait photographs. Mario Testino again and again proves his comprehension of aesthetics, showing that he is able to walk on the extremely fine line between staging and truthful snapshots.

The portrait photos particularly are defined by a great expressive power. It’s no wonder that Testino’s client base even includes royal personalities. In particular members of the British royal family like to get their photos taken by him. Prince Harry is smiling in an easygoing way, sitting on his motorcycle in one photo. In another one, he is next to his brother. Prince William too is beaming with joy, holding Catherine in his arms in another picture taken by Testino. Virtuously, the photographer captures their unmasked happiness with his camera, or so it seems.

But of course, Mario Testino is, above all, famous for his fashion photos. Again and again, his works appear in the Vogue, the Vanity Fair of the V Magazine. For these photos, stars like Jay Z, Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus are standing before his camera.

Mario Testino travels around the world with his works. The Chinese Vogue doesn’t want to miss out on his talent and the British royal family seems to be really satisfied with his competence well. His photos are extremely sophisticated. His staged snapshots tell a story and definitely and will won’t be forgotten soon upon seeing them.

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