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The differences between dermal anchors and surface piercings should be clear after reading my last article about this topic. But what is a skin diver anyways and what is the difference to a dermal anchor?

As you could already read an anchor gets put under the skin by setting a little cut. The part underneath the skin is the foot which has little holes in it so the tissue can grow through and the anchor would stay in position. The bar’s size is 1,2 mm. There is an outer thread so that the jewelry can be changed.

The skin diver is as well put under the skin by placing a little cut or by punching out a little piece of skin. Both methods won’t cause any pain depending on their position on the body. The skin diver has a little foot underneath the bearer’s skin. This one is, different to the anchor’s one, not provided with holes and it has only half the size of an anchor. Also the foot has a round and in some cases a triangle shape. The skin diver’s jewelry is not able to be changed. So all in all you could call it a mini anchor.

Skin divers are faster and easier to put under the skin but also to be removed. That’s why most piercers recommend them, especially in facial areas (around the eyes). Unfortunately skin divers easily fall off or can accidentally get ripped out because it can’t be fixed by the tissue. I myself am wearing a little stud underneath my left eye and by so far I think it is really comfortable. Also the process of putting it in went without any pain. Well, I seem to be one of the lucky people whose skin diver doesn’t fall off after a few months. And I really hope I stay this lucky.

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