It’s not an unusual thing anymore to walk around with stretched ears and the trend seems to be the-bigger-the-better. But how to start stretching and what to notice? The tips I can give you about that are based on my experience gained in four years of having stretched ears. But please notice that I am not an apprenticed piercer and I cannot assure you that my process of stretching ears was 100% correctly practiced. Also you are stretching your ears on your own responsibility. Please mind that your gauges might not close up completely ever again .

Alright so first you need pierced ears of course. You can get that done at a jeweler’s. But I’ve been told that it’s better to get your ears pierced in a piercing shop to avoid tissue damages that can be caused by gun piercing. You should give your ears at least 6 to 8 weeks to heal properly until you start stretching. So now you have several types of jewelry you can chose from. There are rods, claws and swirls. But I would recommend the acrylic rods. Steal rods are not as comfortable, especially in winter. You should start stretching with the very smallest size you can find. 1,2 mm should do it. I know it looks tiny but trust me the stretching will be awfully painful even at 1,2 mm. Next step should be 1,5 mm. But you can only insert them after at least three weeks of healing. I know, waiting sucks but it is really important not to stretch too fast, especially in the beginning.

In case you can’t get the rod through your ears on the first try, just try it again with a little vaseline on it. And the most important thing about stretching ears: Keep your ears very clean and sanitize them twice a day!

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