In the last weeks I already explained how to get to your perfect gauge size to you without any problems. So here are some tips for dealing with your gauges.

What to do when you have open spots in your lobe?

If you size up too quickly that’s what probably happens. Well if that’s the case you definitely should go at least one size down. Clean and sanitize you ear properly and maybe put some lotion on it. Within three weeks your ear should be healed enough so you can start gauging again.

What to do if your gauge smells funny?

This is definitely a common thing but it’s not bad as long as your lobe isn’t wetting. So if your gauge is starting to smell weird that’s maybe because of your jewelry. This particularly happens if you wear silicone or acrylic jewelry because the skin can’t breathe. Just take out your gauges whenever you’re about to take a shower and wash the jewelry as well as your lobe with a little bit of shampoo and lotion your ear afterwards before putting the jewelry back in. This should be an everyday routine. But you can also wear organic jewelry like plugs/tunnels made of wood, horn or corals. These let your skin breathe and you won’t have to lotion your ear as often.

What to do if your ear rips?

If your ear rips for example at a concert and you have a split lobe just immediately go to the hospital. Seriously, don’t think about it. Just do it.  A split lobe looks like crap and it definitely is a serious injury. At the hospital your ear will be fixed at the expense of your health insurance (in Germany). Afterwards your gauge won’t be as big as before and in case you want to size up to your actual size, you have to do it very slowly! Otherwise you will have your next split soon.

Read more about that topic again next week!

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