Christine Mayer is a fashion creator from the fashion metropolis Berlin. The German designer creates fashion made of recycled as well as new materials including the fabrics of old used army rucksacks and many more. But also high-quality materials such as soft silk are employed. Christine Mayer is an artist who calls devotion, love and belief the sources of her inspiration. Considering this, it is no surprise that her collection is called “peace collection”.

With completely different pieces, Christine shows that her talent indeed is multi-faceted. Pants and skirts are offered as well as blouses, sweaters and coats. She definitely gets you through every season with the help of individual looks. Above all, the recycled materials define the vintage touch of her fashion. The mixture of extremely feminine cuts and rough materials such as linen and jute definitely makes her fashion radiate a very exciting and attractive charm.

The many different small and big details are part of Christine Mayer’s style like snow belongs to winter. I love the sewn-on pockets and the beautiful embroideries. Furthermore, many pieces are unique, which just amplifies their thrilling character and makes them more sought-after.

Christine Mayer impresses with her unique fashion, fashion you have probably never seen before. The style between vintage and modernism is defined by urban characteristics as well as a touch of rural innocence. I arranged a kind of Best-of series for you in order to present the creative development of the designer. I really hope that Christine Mayer will soon give us an insight into her creative mind once again with another gorgeous collection.

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