It’s every big city’s curse: As the first sunrays dare to show, they crumble out of their deep deep caves to join others in the nearest public parks to fulfill their unholy duty: Wrinkled seniors, highly motivated middle-aged men an women and that weird bearded guy from next door. Groaning and moaning they force themselves in impossible postures, while their careful cultivated love handles finally meet again after months of solitude and isolation.

From time to time they give each other a nod, believing they are doing better than the bypassing peasants. And why not share that feeling? We are social creatures after all and this way the burger afterwards just tastes better.

I’m writing ? of course ? about all those Yoga freaks, Tai-Chi maniacs and what else the on going Asia spirituality bullshit has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, Yoga and Tai-Chi can surely be amazing at times ? when performed by people who actually know what they are doing and not out of the craving for moral superiority. Looking at those folks, I almost wish for winter to come as soon as possible. Almost.

Maximilian Backhaus is writing for Every Thursday he publishes a new column about all the health crazes and social media trends this weird society of ours has to offer.