The designer Lukas Butkiewicz has high demands when it comes to his own works. Lukas founded his successful label BLACK SOMA in Berlin in 2009. Today, you can even spot his designs on the red carpet. His collection, “The Fabulous World of Black Soma”, for the winter 2014/15 gives the impression of one being brought into another world. It’s not for nothing that the name of the label is based on the fatal drug in the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, because the wearer is brought into a peaceful state, which helps her to escape from negative emotions and lets her slip into a new role. Since the color palette is very plain, the designer focuses on the various interactions between the materials including leather, silk and delicate lace. The elements of weaving and surfaces make his creations unique and shall let the wearer come into the limelight. Those who are not too flashy but also not too shy and those who want to show their female beauty and mesmerize the other people have to check out this label. The entire collection seems to be a gloomy forest of a fairytale, which lets the woman stand in the center of the story and which gives her the right impression to be sexy and dominant. Nevertheless, this collection isn’t too put-on and spreads a breeze of haute couture.


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