“Catching Fire” is a wonderful movie, which shows the crazy side of humans. While the first part was rather made in a “yeah, … I like it. It was quite enjoyable”-way, the second one is just “wow, damn it, wow”! It’s good! Why? Well, I want to explain it without spoiling too much. I think it’s best not to spoil at all, because this movie is really worth watching.

First, there’s the utterly strong female protagonist. She’s not a doll; she’s tough and tenacious, but still shows emotion and pain. She’s sweaty and dirty, bleeds and suffers and we suffer with her; we fight with her, cry with her and bleed with her when we bite on our lips because of the thrill. She’s a girl who is rough, ambitious and who seems to be lovely and kind-hearted – just a little wild cat. She stands up for what she says and what she symbolizes.

This movie is good, because it shows the gloomy side of us humans. When a few have the power over many people, when they eat so much until they vomit and still keep eating while others are starving, the way how rich people watch young humans die as if it was only entertainment.

A mirror is put in front of us, but we don’t like to look at it.

However, there’s hope, and it blazes like a phoenix…

I just want to tell you that you have to watch this movie!

Image Source: http://dispositiv.uni-bayreuth.de/die-tribute-von-panem-catching-fire/