“I’m Irish. Racism is part of my culture.”

Director: John Michael McDonagh

Starring: Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle, Mark Strong


The Irish police officer Gerry Boule does not take his service and the bureau so seriously. He takes drugs on patrol, lets the IRA smuggle weapons and dedicates himself to ladies after his shift. Hard outside, soft inside? Barely. This guy is really not someone you would call a typical police officer. But you have to hand it to him. When the job matters, he can pull it off halfway competently after all.

This was the case when an FBI agent was called in after a murder as the victim was a member of an international smuggling ring. The dedicated African-American investigators do not only run into language barriers in the Irish village… The dissimilar team is in danger of being driven right into a wall.

The Guard is a movie that can hardly be any more Irish. Gruff, rough, full of black humor and consistently likeable!

Image: © Sony