Aside from the gifting, there also is the contemplative mood and the time near the end of the year is used to finally relax, to let go and to get back to the important things in life. But what really is important? Everyone most likely has his very own answer to this.


Something the human being definitely needs is warmth, food, garments and a place to stay, in order to survive. That these obvious things for ‘other people’ – which have nothing to do with our own life – have to be fought for and live a hand-to-mouth, is very hard to imagine for us. Nonetheless you shouldn’t drown in empathy and blame them; you should do the only reasonable thing when it comes to the need for action: You pull those sleeves up and tackle the problem!


Surely everyone has heard of the Christmas Festival, which Frank Zander is hosting for homeless and poor people. Here you can actively take part. On the one hand there is a bank account for donations, on the other hand the people are very grateful for clothing, having something to drink, sleeping bags and other nifty things. For this you can contact Frank Zander’s son, Marcus Zander. In the Estrel Convention Center at the Sonnenallee 225 the festival will take place on Monday, the 23.12.2013 with about 3.000 people. For more information, see here: and




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Wittelsbachstraße 18, 10707 Berlin
Phone: 030 887 09 600




Diakonisches Werk Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
Bank für Kirche und Diakonie


Bank Code: 350 601 90


Account Number: 44 44 0
Reference: Weihnachten mit Frank
IBAN: DE48 3506 0190 0000 0444 40

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