If you are playing with the idea to go on vacation in the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, then you should definitely try out the different culinary delicacies there because Brazilian street food is more than just amazing. In Rio, there are food stalls and small diners that offer authentic Latin American food around every corner. We particularly recommend paying the tiny and humble food establishments at the beach special attention because there the most extraordinary and delicious foods are offered. Often, the vegetables and meat are grilled, fried or even deep-fried, making Brazilian food delicious calorie bombs. However, if you went swimming all day, then you can surely treat yourself with something tasty and mouth-watering. Who cares for calories anyway if they are on vacation?

What’s so special about the Brazilian cuisine? Well, it’s in fact a mix of different cultural influences just like the Brazilian people itself. South-American, indigenous cuisine clashes with African influences as well as Spanish and Portuguese ways of preparing food. The result is absolutely delicious, spicy, tangy, meaty and most of the time made with love because Brazilian people do love their food. To make sure that you have tasted the real essence of Brazilian cuisine, you should have tried the following foods.

Moqueca Capixaba: a fish dish that is prepared in a clay pot and served with rice
Fejoada: A beans stew with black or white beans that is enriched with tasty and fork-tender meat like beef or pork
Tapioca: Cassava flour and shredded coconut are mixed to a dough and fried as a kind of crêpe and served with chicken and cheese
Pastels: dumplings made of corn flour filled with chicken, cheese and palm hearts and deep-fried in oil
Churros: They resemble long doughnuts made of choux pastry and are served with all kinds of dips and toppings like caramel, chocolate, powdered sugar and so on
Accai smoothie: As the name says, it is a delicious and refreshing smoothie with fresh Accai berries

All these delicacies just give you an insight into the diversity of the cuisine that makes Rio so popular among food fans. There are definitely more incredible foods in Rio like grilled seafood, beans and mincemeat on bread, water ice with fresh fruits and other promising tasty tidbits waiting for you in the heart of Brazil. Thus, if you have the chance to pay this beautiful city a visit, then forget about dieting. Just dig in!


Image 1: © André Ribeiro