The so-called green lifestyle has been the latest trend lately. Hollywood is absolutely head over heels with e-cars, vegan and paleo lifestyles and Whole Foods, the biggest bio supermarket chain in the world. There are however a couple of celebrities that are truly green and for years as well, long before green was the new black. After all, celebrities are one of the most important opinion leaders of our society. They can really make an impact in the combat against CO2 emissions, the greenhouse effect and the overall ignorance regarding the environment.

Take for instance Hollywood’s cutie Leo DiCaprio. The Oscar is not the most important thing for Mister DiCaprio, despite all the jokes about Leo not getting an one. He’s much more concerned with our environment. Thus, Leo produced and financed the documentation called The 11th Hour with which he tried to make aware of the environmental predicament we’re currently in.

Natalie Portman has been an enthusiastic activist for the environment for years now. She is even very active abroad in foreign countries to literally save endangered animals or to make people aware of their endangerment. For her own shoe collection, she downright refused to incorporate any form of leather and insisted on a completely vegan collection.

Hollywood’s sweetheart Julia Roberts pays attention to the small things in life. She is no stranger to compost or bio foods. She heats with solar cells and is overall a beautiful role model for our generation.

However, two of the greenest stars are our beloved power couple Brangelina. After Hurricane Katrina, Brad went ahead and invested millions of dollars into the Make it right foundation that secured the reconstruction of whole cities while even making sure that 150 eco-homes are built within the framework of this project. He even went himself and helped on-site. His wife Angelina has been an ambassador for the UN for years and donates millions of dollars on a regular basis to maintain the forests in Cambodia.

You can say and think whatever you please of the sometimes unconventional lifestyles of our celebrities, but there are some that actually invest their status and monetary funds into a better tomorrow.

Image: © Siebbi