chanel coco coach-fall-winter-campaign-2014-15-08

“What an awesome shoe”, that’s what I thought when I saw Chanel’s new overknee in the Vogue. I almost skipped the page, but then the kneepads captured my eyes. Kneepads? Yeah right, kneepads.

These overknees of the fall and winter campaign 14/15 of Chanel’s line Coco Coach, presented by the models Cara Delevigne and Binx Walton, will only be launched in September. The sporty touch, which will be soon enhancing our feet, is ingenious. For spring and summer 2015, you can already mark another candidate for this setion: DKNY.


The overknees, which are inspired by lacrosse, and which are available in black and white in, among others, KaDeWe captured our eyes during the Bread & Butter in July 2014.

Girls, first come, first served!

gianvito rossi mattie overknee boot 3

From left to right: Gianvito Rossi (3x), LD TuttleNew Rock

Image Source:, Readthetrieb