Just in time for the onset of summer, we can look forward to the presentation of the next season’s collections which are devoted to the winter following the motto: The early bird catches the worm. Well, this is just the cycle of fashion. The fashion label Case Studies is no exception, presenting a magnificent winter collection to us. The Berlin newcomer label is run by Laura Krauthausen und Konstantin Laschkow – a very impulsive duo who are gifted with the eye for beautiful details.

The knitwear which is completely made in Germany is truly giving knitted clothing a new face. The times where knitwear was only worn by your grandma are over! Here, the design is based on a coquettishly experimental approach. Monotonous knit fabrics are a thing of the past. Diversity is what it is all about here. Smooth, shiny, voluminous and wild – the feminine chic with a slightly androgynous vein is more than just capable of enchanting and seducing. In a very virtuosic way, different knitting methods have been combined with each other, segueing into each other creating smooth transitions between different structures and textures.

In addition, a beautiful interplay of colors is presented which can barely be surpassed in terms of sophistication. Earthy colors, pastel shades and blue variations simply spice up the entire collection. Soft transitions, floral patterns or geometrical structures provide the casually cut fashion pieces with a distinct, visual depth.

Case Studies succeeded in discovering a new side of femininity!

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