Guido Maria KretschmerHe’s the star designer of Germany. With his visionary collections that bring dreams to life, the famously infamous fashion designers easily scores points with the ladies. His belief in the unrestricted elegance of the ladies’ world is evident in his designs – Guido Maria Kretschmer makes thoughtful fashion that highlights the wearer’s most beautiful side.

In his new line for autumn and winter 2015, we can expect a clever combination of tried-and-tested elements and new trends. Even men will be able to find something here.

Sophisticated chic easily meets the requirements for everyday wear. Be it a dress or a suit, their elegant designs make them all suitable for leisure wear, and remain at-hand for all the special situations that could pop up in your life. Guido Maria Kretschmer capitalises upon current design trends that include fringes, voluminous cuts and faux fur!

Despite the contemporary trends, the line heads in one clear direction. Guido portrays his style as being strictly elegant, with a liberal underlining of elegance, and a tendency towards the Bohemian style. As a result, the black glamour dress meets the poncho in this collection. Even the menswear is extraordinary, as the designer pushes new boundaries within. The suit is presented voluminously, and a leisurely look peeks through due to its maxi-checkmark patterns in beige and red colours.

A connection has been drawn between the elegant look and the trendy boho-look, and this can easily be recognised from the selection of colours. Dark black and grey represent glamorous moments, whereas earthly tones, camel and beige colours depict the bohemian-city-chic. Guido Maria Kretschmer offers a fashion line that is there for you around the clock!

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