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Wow, guys it’s already the third Tip Tuesday this month. Time is flying and I don’t like it. My To-Do Lists keep growing and I am often stressed out. And because we don’t get to chill as much as we used to, we can’t spend 20 minutes just to remove yesterday’s manicure. That is precisely why I will share a trick to remove polish within a mere minute. So stay with me here.

You’re going to need nail polish remover with aceton, mine is from Isana (Rossmann), also a stack of cotton pads and nail polish. I often use clear topcoat.

nagellackentferner 2

Take your polish and start painting your nails. Once they are wet again, immediately take your cotton pads and the polish remover to remove the polish. I know it appears a bit weird to put another layer on your nails only to remove it afterwards. But this method is much faster than immediately treating your dried old nail polish with the remover. You won’t believe how smoothly it will go off. It’s nice to use your time effectively, don’t you think? 😉

nagellackentferner 3

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