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Kim Kardashian is known for her ever-lasting wish to be omnipresent. Her aim to “break the internet” is the cause for a couple of amused smirks, but after the release of her nude shooting pictures for the Paper Magazine, she definitely was the talk of the town. Besides criticizing comments, she did get the occasional “How can she look like that after giving birth to her daughter North West?” Well, we would want to get into that topic a little bit deeper. We won’t, however, talk about fitness and her eating habit because that’s a whole other story. We want to know what she literally smears all over her body to turn her body into that glowing temple of hers.

She and her slightly less famous sisters swear by coconut oil and avocado. They usually mix (or hire people to do that) a nice tincture from both ingredients and spread it all over their bodies before going to bed. Hair included.

The true secret behind her looks is the so-called “Golden Glow”. And indeed, Kim K. is the queen of highlighting and contouring. These tricks and her caramel brown skin are her trademarks. That’s why she loves to visit solariums because whenever you are tanned you look at least a couple of pounds lighter according to Kim K.

As for the highlighting and contouring, well, surprisingly she doesn’t shed too much money on that part in comparison to what she pays for her face treatments etc. She once said that she loved the “Supermodel Body” cream by Charlotte Tilbury. It retails for approximately 55€ and can also be purchased online. She uses it to contour her body, making it look artificially slimmer. It also has a metallic looking highlighting effect to it. You can use this effect to make your limbs look longer and slimmer. You only have to apply it onto the front of your legs in a vertical line downwards. That’s interesting huh? Did you know about those tricks?

By the way, Today I’ve learned that Kim K. hired a makeup artist who is only responsible for making her décolleté look good. Wow.

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