Natalia Jaroszewska is a real artist. She designs fashion and additionally writes about the latest trends in terms of styling. With her collections, she seems to have her finger on the pulse of the time. What truly defines her creations is the prominent femininity of her designs. She doesn’t only place value on wear comfort, but she also wants to make sure that her customers will look irresistible in her clothing.

The summer collection 2014 is a true piece of art in terms of femininity and the bohemian style. The lightness of the 70ies is projected onto these yet contemporary designs. Floral patterns, floor-length dresses and wide, flowing skirts are just a couple of the many influences of the hippie style which can be found on Natalia’s clothing. I love the symbiosis between the elegant and feminine style and the casual details. The result: a sexy and modern, colorful mix.

Elegant, black models contrast with colorfully patterned ones. Here, you can find a dress made of leather and another robe made of lace – two completely different fabrics. Above all, the grey exemplars can be combined as you like. My favorite outfit is the ensemble made of floor-length lace dress in a feminine antique rose and a black silk top – this is a look which you can wear the entire day. Here, you are guaranteed to find one or maybe two or three new favorite pieces. The entire collection seems timeless and impresses with its nonchalant sensuality.

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