Recently, we presented Peter Jensen and his pre-fall collection 2014. There, he took his inspiration from a drama about relationships which ended in a fatal event. This drama was reflected in the US-American movie “Reversal of Fortune” by Barbet Schroeder.

In his new collection for the spring/summer 2014, the Londoner designer got inspired by the old Hollywood again. This time, it’s less about the movie itself, but about the actress, Paulette Goddard and her performance in George Cukor’s “The women”, a black and white movie from 1939.

Even though Paulette Goddard did a great job in her role as a charming girl, in real life she showed her second face. She was always rumored to have many marriages and to be profit-oriented. Paulette Goddard is famous for her big selection of jewelries, which has been growing over the years. This distinct character is mixed with the one of Andy Warhol, who doesn’t stand second to her when it comes to glamour and the sense of exceptional things.

This is how Peter Jensen found his two central figures who define his new spring/summer collection for him and her. It stands out with chic designs which really remind of the 40ies with their circle skirts and a-line coats. What would Hollywood be without the matching hat with an integrated headscarf, which protects the hair. He is showing his casual and fancy side, but is guided by the woman’s collection, which surprises with a t-shirt with the logo “Money Money Money”, which Warhol would have surely liked.

Peter Jensen created a colorful collection for the spring/summer 2014 and also shows it in a colorful and fun way.

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Peter Jensen, for women – Spring/Summer 2014

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